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We appreciate your enthusiasm. We love it too!

Why we are so enthusiastic too

This product is relatively new in the market. With one patent received and another in process, we have really just started selling and delivering orders! Just as you are enthusiastic about what we offer, we are also very enthusiastic about you! When something this revolutionary comes along, the best and brightest are the first to discover, realize, and act on it.

It is for you that we have worked so hard and invested so much to create something really great. Your enthusiasm validates our effort!

Your early purchases help to build and establish our business so that it can increasingly reach out to the entire world and, we hope, change the world.

For the benefit of everyone

We hope you will bring your enthusiasm to your conversations with others, your respected friends and family members. Please talk us up, and tell your people about it. We need all that buzz when people tell people that don't yet know. Please tell others about the Siddhasana™ Meditation Seat!

If you want to help others understand it, please buy one and then give others a chance to sit on it for a few minutes to get the idea. Just make sure they take their shoes off, and if they are too stiff to be comfortable at its height, try setting it safely on a curb or bench for them to get the tilt forward effect.

What's next?

The next steps are just one step in front of the other. Buy one, watch for the delivery, receive it, open up the package, read the owner's manual, put it in a calm and beautiful place, and sit (shoes off, kneel in front, sit sideways, adjust yourself).

What's after that is up to you. The intention of the Siddhasana™ Meditation Seat is for you, sitting on it, with the improved posture that it enables and the comfort and ease of holding it for extended periods of time, to be able to do, to have the freedom to do, to have the released and charged inner conscious power to let yourself do, whatever you want to do inside your own experience. You can turn deeply deeply within to find your inner heart, you can think about whatever you want to think about, perhaps more clearly than you would be able to otherwise. You can laugh. You can be still. You can think, clearly. You can feel, deeply. You can process the pain from a stronger place, and come to healing, emotionally. You can try to find your bliss.

So: Sit, adjust your legs, find the firm foundation, tilt your hips forward, straighten up your spine, ribcage, and back, lift yourself to be up and open to the top, and go find your bliss!

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