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"It's making me sit up straight. That's what I noticed right away." Jarron P., Bellevue

"I feel more focussed." Nathan S., Lake Forest Park

"Whoever sits on one knows it makes a difference." John A., North Seattle

"If you need another reason to sit up straight, consider this: For every inch your head tilts forward, the amount of weight your neck has to support doubles, a chore that could affect your daily level of fatigue. Whether sitting or standing, keep your shoulders back, your spine straight, and your head held high above your neck."  


... a leading consumer magazine... September, 2013

One of the two worst things inflicted on us by civilization is chair sitting.
(The other, he says, is cooked food.)

With your legs in this position and if your shoulders are open then your spine is straight and then you breathe all the way down.
This is the pranayama seat.

It's opening the hips is what it's doing. Raising your hips above your knee, you can do it in full lotus but until you can get full lotus, it isn't there.
Prior to getting your knee down, it's not.
I sit on my heel to raise myself up.

It took me 3000 hours of pain-loving yoga practice to get to the point of half lotus, one foot on opposite thigh, way up near the opposite hip. I was the tightest person in the yoga class. They used to say, Hawkins, you're like a tree stump. Now, see what I can do.

It would take me another 1000 hours to get to full lotus.
Until then the hip stays below the knee.
It's when your hips open that your knees go down.

Most people are not going to do that. These mechanisms like your seat are going to address all those people who aren't going to spend 3000 or 4000 hours to get to full lotus.

David H., Seattle


A dialog, 7/8/2013

Tom: Does the opening rotation of the hips make you want to rotate your shoulders back, to be open in parallel at both levels?
David: Yes.
Cecilia: You can do virasana, padmasana, sukhasana, shavasana, it's up to your body because everyone is different.
If you open your hips, shoulders back, spine straight...
David: ... that makes a person more aware of energy within the body.
Cecilia: Yes. They say that sitting like this (hunched), you're living in the past, but if you're sitting like this (arched more back), you're living in the future.
David: Cecilia does a beautiful calm relaxing style of yoga class.
The opposite of prison yoga, where it's about getting stretched out.
Cecilia: Senior's Yoga.
At our age we need to be careful with our joints.
After 60 your hormones are going down, the lubrication in the joints is going down, the feet can become more calcified.
This seat takes the pressure off the ankles tucked underneath.
Tom: Sweet. Look at David, sitting like that you look like the blessed grandfather.
David: [laughs] (To Cecilia) I knew there was something about him I liked.


David H. of Seattle;
Cecilia A. of Mercer Island;
Tom V. of North Seattle

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