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Press Release:


Siddhasana™ status report.

Contact: Eric Pattison / 206.384.2408 / ericpattison4495@gmail.com

Monday May 27, 2020. Seattle Washington USA -- Friends, customers, and potential customers have been asking for the latest news about Siddhasana™ Meditation Seat pricing and production. Polished, upholstered, cushioned, natural wood artisanship has produced many Siddhasana™ Meditation Seats, and many have sold, because whoever actually sits on them loves them. However the business model based on artisanal production leads to such a high cost structure that lowering the wholesale price to be equal to the cost of production still leaves the retail price level so high that the sales rate is insufficient to build the business organically. The inventor, Tom Veatch PhD, has taken the business back in hand, and has now begun the process of engineering a lower-production-cost version of Siddhasana™. Please return for more news and updates soon. Meanwhile please enjoy the updated videos at siddhasana.com/videos.

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