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Press Release:


First production Siddhasana™ Meditation Seats offered to teacher in gratitude.

      Contact: Tom Veatch / 206.366.0198 / tcveatch@gmail.com

Tuesday, May 22, 2013. Seattle Washington USA -- The inventor of the Siddhasana™ Meditation Seat has recieved the first two production units from Sprex LLC's manufacturing line. Dr. Tom Veatch, who has practiced meditation since 1981, packaged them up and sent them today as an offering of gratitude to his meditation teacher. Her meditation instructions included the key and guiding insight: "knees below crease of hips". This insight opened the door to raising the level of a meditation seat substantially above the floor, and inspired and guided Veatch's search for and ultimate discovery of the Siddhasana™ Meditation Seat. A letter sent with the seats expressed his deepest thanks.

The two seats were the low and medium height versions of the Siddhasana™ Meditation Seat now being produced by Sprex LLC. Sprex makes low, medium, and tall versions of the Siddhasana™ Meditation Seat, for users whose flexibility is greater, medium, and lesser, respectively.

Stained a dark walnut, the seats are upholstered in a rich red covering with a slight nap to provide a bit of directional resistance to sliding.

Cushioned with a 1/2" closed cell foam, which is somewhat firm and very insulative, the seats conform to the principles found in the ancient yoga scriptures regarding meditation seats, namely, to provide a warm and insulating, firm but not hard, sitting surface.

For more information about the Siddhasana Meditation Seat, see siddhasana.com
For more information about the inventor, see tomveatch.com

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