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Welcome to Siddhasana.com. We are delighted by your visit.

Skeptics Welcome

We don't mind skeptics at all. Actually we love them!

Skeptics can be the smartest and wisest of people.

Skeptics persistently test out and think through the excessive and self-serving claims of windbags and manipulators; they can separate truth from fiction and they extract the quality from the noise. We need skeptics around to keep the BS level down. And because skeptics filter out the baloney, they are also the likeliest sources of actually valid new insights and ideas.

Indeed independence of thought is a great virtue. (We try to practice it here!) At the same time, skepticism is pointless without curiosity. So we hope you will find this fascinating, as we do, and find enough here to develop an opinion of your own. Because a person who isn't willing to listen to something new also can't learn, or grow, or share in progress.

So thank you for your visit! We hope to be interesting and informative, and in return we are also eager to hear your thoughtful perspective and insights, so please communicate freely with us and share what comes to your mind. We will get back to you.

If you're still with us, thank you for being interested in the curious development and experience of something new here.

Now seats might seem boring, if they were all the same, but I challenge you to question your own concepts of what sitting is and ought to be. You sit a lot, but have you thought how it affects you, makes your experience and your life take on a certain way of being, which you might or might not actually prefer, if there were an alternative? This new seat has impacts and implications on many levels. It is our hope that you will give a thoughtful review to the news you find here, including the features and benefits of a new kind of seat that brings a new kind of sitting. If you're willing to bring skepticism to a new way of sitting, then be equally unafraid to reconsider your own current sitting arrangements.

Siddhasana.com's purpose is to communicate with you about the Siddhasana™ Meditation Seat and related topics. The consequences of the change embodied in using this seat, as compared with others, relate to medical, physical and psychological therapies and impact potentially measureable cognitive abilities as well as subjective emotional experiences, from emotional depth to emotional flexibility. Mental acuity, entertainment, happiness, even bliss are all subjects that arise in connection with this seat, particularly through the very concrete issues of posture which this seat seems to help to rebalance.

We ask you, please, explore this website further, and don't be bashful, let us know what you think! We love to connect with any clear-minded person like yourself, because that is the way we improve and strengthen our own knowledge.

Known Problems:

These cats also make the point:

Chair sitting encourages poor posture.

Sit in a chair. Your tailbone might tuck under, trying to go flat on the sitting surface of the seat. The tops of your pelvis shifts to the back. The natural lumbar curve, in the small of your back, disappears as your lower back slouches and hunches. The lowest rib shifts backward, while the ribcage tilts top forward. The neck sticks out diagonally from the shoulders and the head hangs out in front of the chest. These are the normal consequences of sitting in a normal chair. It leads typically to a slouching posture, and it is hard to avoid.

Some people just stand up all day, it hurts their backs less.

There ought to be a better way to sit.

Cross-legged sitting is hard when we've sat in chairs all our lives.

Cross legged sitting is great for meditation. The ancient yoga books describe several cross-legged sitting postures from the lotus posture to the easy posture, and recommend cross-legged sitting.

Tom Veatch, the Siddhasana™ Meditation Seat's inventor, said, "I try to sit cross-legged for meditation on the floor, and my knees hurt, my ankles hurt, my feet fall asleep, my mind is tortured by the discomfort; I find myself shifting position frequently; I have to sit against a wall to hold myself up, to relax, or else I have to hunch forward quite a bit to keep from falling backwards, and suffer the burden of constant effort while sitting in pain." Many others have this experience. Is that peace of mind? Is that the path to a deep experience of inner calm? Or is it just self-torture?

There ought to be a better way.

We think we've found one. If you are feeling skeptical, please be skeptical also about why slouching should be so acceptable to so many, and about why cross-legged sitting should have to be so painful. And allow yourself to be curious about possibly valid alternatives. And please read on!

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