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Siddhasana™ Features, Benefits, and Value

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Ah, a curious one! Welcome to you again and thank you for coming here!

A person who is curious about the features, and open minded
about the benefits, of the Siddhasana™ Meditation Seat,
has come to the right place!

This seat makes surprising improvements easy in the posture of people who use it.

The way it does so, and what it can sometimes do, are the features and benefits of the Siddhasana™ Meditation Seat. They seem to form a chain, check it out.

Features and Benefits of the Siddhasana™ Meditation Seat

Hips above kneesEnables hips to tilt forward much more easily
Hips tilt forward Small of back presses forward and lumbar spine curves naturally
Lowest rib shifts forward
Lumbar spine curves naturallySitting related back pain is reduced
Lowest rib shifts forwardTop of ribcage rebalances from forward, slouched position, shifting backward
Top of ribcage rebalances, shifting backward Neck comes more vertically up from the shoulders instead of more horizontally or diagonally out to the front
Sit taller
Neck more verticalHead balances
Sit taller
Head balances Less muscular stress and tension are required to hold one's posture and especially one's head up.
Veatch's posture trick becomes possible.
Less stress and tension to hold postureLess cognitive distraction from the stress of maintaining tension to hold posture
Reduced burden of continuous cognitive distraction Lower stress level
Less distraction
More mental focus
Greater emotional flexibility
Greater subjective peace of mind
Greater capacity for perception, creativity, and insight
Greater intellectual self-confidence
Lower stress levelLess fear, defensiveness, and reactivity
Veatch's posture trickEmotional detachment, a sense of white light, a small euphoria
Emotional detachmentWillingness to let go of
inner emotional storytelling, ego involvement, and moral judgement
Willingness to let go of inner emotional storytelling,
ego involvement, and moral judgement
Greater access to serenity and bliss

The Value

What would you think about those benefits, if you could get them?

  • What is the payback to having less stress?
  • What is the value to you of better posture?
  • How does your life change if you can achieve easeful, deep meditations?
  • What could you achieve with an increase in mental focus?
  • What would be the benefit to you over your lifetime of an improved ability to make better decisions?

On the other hand:
  • How much of a burden is the struggle with slouching and poor posture in your life?

  • What is the cost to you of mental distraction?
These are high costs and substantial benefits. A rational assessment must conclude, if the probability is merely greater than zero that these are realistic outcomes, then it is well worth an investment for exploration and experiment. Your task is to assess the realism here, and decide what makes sense for you.


Compare the benefits and value in your life between these and...

  • A vacation.

  • A meditation class.

  • Good sleep.

  • A healthy, strong, easeful, capable body.

  • Supportive relationships.

  • A gentle moment of calm, of timeout, of meditation, stillness, or worship, of turning within, putting down the burdens of the body and its cares.

These are all actually priceless. They have to do with the quality of our lives. These are what we live for, why we work so hard. They are worth the effort.


If you see potential value here and remain curious, the thing to do is get your behind sitting on one. Buy a Siddhasana and try it out. Against the costly alternative of being stuck in bad sitting posture, it's worth a small side bet that there is possibly something real and significant here for you. Please try it. Trying it yourself is the only way to really translate the abstractions of this website into actual experiences of your own. If you're curious, get one! If you are already enthusiastic about it and read on!

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