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How to Buy a Siddhasana™ Meditation Seat

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Choose User Flexibility/Seat Height Choose Low, Medium, or Tall, based on the flexibility of your knee and hip rotation -- not your height! Low is about 4 inches above the floor, Medium is about 6 inches high, and Tall is about eight inches high. They cost the same. Detailed instructions on Seat Height are here.

Shipping Since February 2017 we no longer charge for ground shipping within the US.

Required Sales Tax For sales within Washington State we are required to add sales tax which, based on our location, adds 9.5%. I'm sorry about that, but only a vote for state tax reform, such as an anti-regressive income tax, has any chance of changing that!


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User Flexibility/Seat Height

You may also order by mailing a check with your choices and shipping details to our address below.

Siddhasana Sales
7804 NE 183rd St.
Kenmore WA 98028
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