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Siddhasana™ Meditation Seat: About Us

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In 2012, Tom Veatch invented and started a patent process for the Siddhasana™ Meditation Seat. In the spring of 2013, after the patent application was submitted, we started to tell the world about it and to manufacture and sell it. By summer, we started to sell our first, hand-crafted, custom-made products on EBay and through direct internet and retail sales.

"Siddhasana": In Sanskrit, 'siddha' means perfect or perfected, while 'asana' means posture. The 'Siddhasana™ Meditation Seat' thus evokes the perfecting of posture, and through posture, one's own inner experience.

We have just one simple message, in the form of the seat that we sell, a posture that it encourages, and the experience attainable within when you get it.

No shoes, please! Sit a bit sideways and put one knee all the way down first. Have you felt the legs firm up yet? Are you still sliding off or are you solid as a rock? Solid? Great. Now tilt your hips forward a little. And tip your ribcage back. Raise your head. Feel the opening? Do you want to slouch? No, I know, it makes you want to straighten up. Yes, you can tilt your head back just a little. Has it clicked? Have you got it yet? The Siddhasana™ Effect? You'll know it when you get it. Not everyone gets it, but if you get it...

Do you feel like you're suddenly in a different body?
Can you imagine finding your bliss, while sitting in this posture?
I think so. So yes, go, go there!

Go now!

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